Insect & Pest Control

Insect & Pest Control

Control common garden pests including insects (aphids, ants, slugs, vine weevil, caterpillars, lily bettle, scale etc) and rodents. Our insect and pest control range has a product to suit including chemical and organic or non-toxic products.

We stock well-known and trusted brands including Provado, Doff, Nippon and RoseClear.

The products below are available in store and can be purchased online for home delivery (within 10 miles of Brandon) or 'click & collect'. Click here for more information.

Please note, not all of the products we sell in store are available to view online. Please visit the store for the full range.

Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer 1ltr Ready to use

Contact systemic action, controls difficult and hidden pests and protects for up to four weeks. .....

Provado Ultimate Fruit & Vegetable Bug Killer 1ltr Ready To Use

Kills insects including Plum Fruit Moth, Sawfly, Pea & bean weevil, Blackfly & caterpillars. . .....

Provado Ultimate Fruit & Vegetable Bug Killer 30ml Concentrate

Kills insects including Plum Fruit Moth, Sawfly, Pea & bean weevil, Blackfly & caterpillars. S.....

Doff Universal Bug Killer 1ltr Ready to use

Rapid contact action for control of greenfly and many other leaf pests. Ready to use trigger s.....

Doff Rose Shield 1ltr Ready to use

Combined Fungicide and Insecticide treatment provides the ultimate defence for roses. Contains.....

Rose Clear Ultra 200ml Concentrate

An economical concentrate that combines a systemic insecticide with a systemic fungicide to control .....

Doff Organic Super Slug Killer 350g

Organic & environmentally friendly. Harmless to children, pets & wildlife. Contains Ferric Phosphate.....

Nippon Ant Killer Liquid 25g

Nippon Ant Killer Liquid is formulated to destroy complete ant colonies without trace. It consists o.....

Nippon Ant Killer Powder 300g

Supplied in a puffer pack, Nippon Ant Powder is the ideal treatment where ant activity is in difficu.....

Doff Ant Killer Bait Station (pack of 2)

Fast acting, ready to use bait stations that attract and kill ants. Also kills other crawling .....

Doff Ant Powder 400g for the price of 300g!

Kills Ants and other crawling Insects. Easy to use “puffer” pack. Child resistant packaging. .....

Bug Clear Ultra Vine Weevil Killer 480ml Concentrate

Kills vine weevil and their larvae and prevents futher attacts. Also kills scale insect, white.....

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