Indoor Plant Compost

Indoor Plant Compost

View our range of specialist and indoor plant composts from Westland Horticulture and Lorbex Ltd. Buy online for local delivery (within 10 miles) or 'Click & Collect' click here for more information.

Lorbex Bonsai Compost 2ltrs

A superior open textured Bonsai compost for enhanced root development, aiding drainage and aeration......

Lorbex Carnivorous Compost 2ltrs

An ideal compost for your carnivorous plants. Made from zero nutrient sphagnum moss peat with added .....

Lorbex Citrus Compost 2ltrs

The perfect compost for all your citrus plants. A slightly acidic mix of fine peat and sterilised lo.....

Lorbex Orchid Bark Compost 2ltrs

A superior compost made from bark and processed granules of volcanic rock. This ensures a high water.....

Westland Citrus Compost 8trs

What's Westland Citrus Compost? Westland Citrus Potting Mix is a specially blended mix offering fre.....

Westland Houseplant Potting Mix

What's Westland Houseplant Potting Mix Compost? Westland Indoor Plant Compost has been specially fo.....

Westland Orchid Compost 8ltrs

What's Westland Orchid Compost? Westland Orchid Potting Mix is a specially blended mix of bark and .....

Westland Cacti Compost 4trs

What's Westland Cacti Compost? Cacti and succulents are unique plants. They retain moisture over lo.....

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