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Important Update 1st August 2017 – Xylella Statement

We have taken the decision NOT to knowingly purchase any host plants originating from regions where the disease Xylella is known to exist. The decision has been taken after detailed consideration as to the potential catastrophic impact the introduction of the disease could have to the UK environment, coupled with the ever increasing number of host plant genera of this disease. This is in line with DEFRA’s good practice recommendations.


We believe that environmental issues are important and we aim to limit our impact on the environment by protecting and improving the environment through good management of our resources. Ensuring that we identify, eliminate, reduce, re-use and recycle what we consume, and by adopting best practice wherever possible. We will uphold the laws and regulations relating to the Environment. Moral issues not enshrined in law or regulations at this moment in time, will be given every reasonable consideration. We understand that our actions, through our roles as educators to the general gardening community and by what we promote we can have a positive influence on environmental awareness in our community.
We currently have the following policies in place:

1. Conserving water is an important part of our business for both environmental and economical reasons. We collect rainwater from buildings onsite which is stored in large tanks for use as needed. We also use safe grey-water created by our neighbouring aquatics centre. We only water by hand, so that we channel the water directly into the pot and to avoid wastage due to drifting of water in windy conditions, as tends to happen with overhead irrigation.

2. We continuously strive to source locally made product with the majority of our Plant stock being supplied by local growers. We remain conscious of the distance our products travel before reaching us, therefore actively reducing the our carbon footprint.

3. Our in-store customers are offered carrier bags made from recycled plastic, recycled boxes, or re-useable shuttle trays. Our online orders are packaged the same as they would be instore.

4. We provide point of sale education material for Peat free products and promote the use of peat free products with competitively pricing, prominent placing instore and by communicating with our customers so that they can make an educated decision on the products they purchase, without being dictated too. We have increased our offering of organic and peat free ranges. We fully support the commitment made by the growing media sector in its continued research and development into finding suitable growing media substrates for use by the commercial and domestic sectors in support of the Governments pledges on peat-free gardening by 2020 for domestic gardeners and 2030 for the commercial sector.

5. We actively promote the sale of organic and biological alternatives to traditional products wherever applicable.

6. We actively seek to minimise use of chemicals in the Garden Centre. Wherever possible organic and mechanical methods are used.

7. We recycle card and paper, and promote re-using of plastic products such as shuttle trays.

8. Our printer cartridges are recycled.

9. We believe firmly in offering products from sustainable and environmentally friendly sources.

10. We do not sell Patio heaters

11. We use A rated, energy efficient spotlighting to provide lighting throughout the store.

Finally, we are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental policies and performance by regular reviews. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us here 

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